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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned skydiver, you’ve no doubt been addicted to the thrill and adrenalin rush of freefall - and you log those euphoric experiences to document your progression in the sport. In skydiving like other sports, it's goals, achievements and recognition that motivate the participants toward excellence and perfection. The original idea for the SCR fit those requisites and has since expanded into skydiving’s oldest and longest running free fall awards program. From 1967 to date, we’ve issued over 26,000 Star Crest awards in 32 countries world-wide. More skydivers today hold SCR’s and SCS’s than any other freefall awards. Nevertheless, not too many skydivers have qualified for the more progressive Star Crest awards: Night 8-way - Day & Night Hoop dives - Universal Skydiving - Vertical Awards. Recipients of these more demanding awards have declined significantly since relative work’s golden era of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

We'd like to see a resurgence of skydivers sending in for their SCR & SCS awards as well as completing our other challenging skydives. They will all test and hone your flying skills and you might just get a low number in the process.

We’d also like to see Star Crest awards integrated back into today’s drop zone curriculum. Incorporating Star Crest awards at drop zones these days could provide another training syllabus for coaches – and acquaint newer skydivers with the BBMSC. See our Instructional Articles and Awards Criteria page.

We’ve never had membership dues and once verified you’re a lifetime member. Because of the no dues deal, we need support from our Star Crest members. Donations are welcome and essential for the site to grow and the award database maintenance.


1st 8-man star

Above all, respect your limitations in the sky, through which we’ve been allowed to fly.

Take care in the air and stay aware,

Bill Newell
SCR #3 ~ SCS #69 ~ NSCR #747 ~ SCSA #11