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scr Ambassadorship program

 paying it forward





STAR CREST is accepting new candidates for our Ambassadorship program. We are searching for driving enthusiasm in building comradery with sky brothers and sisters. Capturing the spirit of what STAR CREST is all about: having fun, paying it forward to jumpers with less experience as well as pushing personal boundaries to earn advanced awards with teammates.


The official duties: organizing SCR loads, moderating the ceremony and putting the capital F in Fun! It's not a monetary position as we are non profit, the reward is paying it forward and creating priceless memories with your fellow comrades!


If you are a jump loader that has already been completing the SCR ambassador duties unofficially then let's make it official! As part of the ambassadorship program all SCR awards earned are complimentary. For more information on jumping on board to push the momentum of this legendary driving force: 661-831-7771 /


Keep a look out for Spring 2020, STAR CREST TV will be launched where the sky stars are recognized for being SCR recipients!