Members' Momentos

Good Times... Good Times...



It's 2004 at Skydive Houston, Waller TX. I'm the one with the TShirt. To my left ist Johnny Tubbs. I don't recall the other guys names but they should be on the SCR xls file from that day.     Photographer is Russell D-7014






Markus Wolf (wet t-shirt) left Johnny Tubbs along with the other new members enduring The SCR Ceremony. What a fun surprise for Markus... He had no knowledge of "The Ceremony."
2004 at Skydive Houston, Waller TX.  Photographed  by Russell D-7014

Pat sporting an NSCR tank top







Patrick Kane SCR #5200, SCS #2508, NSCR #710  with his then soon to be wife, MaryAnne Rodger sporting his NSCR tank top at Canton Air Sports in Ohio where Pat was a jumpmaster there.